Caboolture Mowing

Terms & Conditions of Service.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accepting services provided by Caboolture Mowing you also accept the following terms and conditions.


Our goal is total customer satisfaction. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with our service please let us know, it is important that you contact us on the same day so we can provide the appropriate resolution promptly.  

If you are satisfied, please tell everyone how happy you are with our service.

We like to under promise and over-deliver. Unfortunately, sometimes our best efforts are not always enough. Some clients have an overly high expectation of what we can do. While we do use top-of-range equipment and have skilled workers, we are not miracle workers.

Due to the rough terrain and or the high length of grass the finish may not be a “lawn” finish. In these circumstances, a second (or third) cut may be required.

In the unlikely event of us needing to return to the property to finish a poorly completed job, we ask that any unpaid invoices be paid in full prior to completion.


If you have entered into a Caboolture Mowing 12-month service agreement, there are a few things for you to know.

Our quoted pricing for regular lawn mowing allows for up to 18 services per year based on a fortnightly service during Summer and during the cooler months between June through to august your services will be monthly.

There are many factors that affect our schedule, therefore we are not able to specify an exact time of your regular service. Any quote or estimate is subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to both labour and materials. However, the quote will not be amended without consultation with the client.  

  • Weekly service is available on request by the customer.
  • One-off service is available and is quoted individually.


We offer a wide range of Lawn Maintenance services such as hedging, weed control, fertilising, top dressing, rubbish removal etc. Please feel free to contact us for a quote on these services. We can offer these services as a one off or on a regular service program.

Weed Control

The most effective means of weed control is prevention, early detection and eradication.


Keep those hedges neat and tidy with minimum fuss, Caboolture Mowing can help.

Fertilising & Top Dressing

When it’s time to prepare the garden for new growth, we’ve got your back.


We can arrange rubbish removal however the minimum costs charged by the council are passed on directly to you, the fees listed below do not include labour costs and are subject to change without notice.

Household Waste: $97.50 PER LOAD  | Green Waste $28.00 PER LOAD

For regular clients we can provide a green waste bag that can be collected monthly for a flat rate of $20 (inc GST) per month.


Ride-on jobs must have lawn clipping mulched across the grass, however lawns mowed with a push mower can be picked up by a catcher, we do our best to capture and remove all the lawn clippings however sometimes this is not in our control depending on the length and moisture content of the grass.


If you prefer to lock your gate, we would recommend you give us a key or combination. If we cannot gain access to a yard, we may still charge your normal service fee.


At Caboolture Mowing safety is our highest priority. Due to the nature of our work we MUST take care and ensure the terrain is safe before proceeding with services. This can take extra time and the client, by engaging our services, understands the importance of this. Any time taken here is part of hourly rate or service fee.
The driver may, before commencing any work, do any of the following,
• Walk the block to locate trouble spots
• Ask owner for specifics of terrain
• Refuse to mow/operate on dangerous ground


If you are having a special event and require your service on a specific day or time or wish to add an additional service, please advise as early as possible to allow us to accommodate your needs.


Here at Caboolture Mowing, we do mow in the light rain and or after the rain clears up. But if we have determined that it is too wet to allow proper mowing, then we will try to arrive on the next dry day to perform your regular service. In extreme heat (over 35deg) we may delay your regular service until the heat subsides. It is far to dangerous for our staff to be undertaking such physical and strenuous work during extreme heat. 


We do not work on public holidays unless specifically arranged and agreed upon by Caboolture Mowing.


    Unless otherwise arranged with us, we do not pick up and remove rubbish/items/property from the ground. This is the client’s responsibility.


    Our service pricing is based on a number of variable factors. Factors taken into consideration when we provide quotes include but not limited to: the size of your yard, steep areas or multiple levels, the number of areas requiring edging and obstructions such as trees. We do have a minimum price of $50 regardless of how small the job is as this is to cover running costs. Due to increases in running costs every year we may need to re-evaluate your service fee. In the event of an increase you will be advised 7 days prior with an explanation. All jobs will include a lawn mow, edges done and a blow down to remove as much of the clippings from paths as possible. Anything extra can be arranged and will be charged within a pre-agreed price range. All our services are subject to GST, all quotes and invoices include GST unless stated otherwise. All jobs are charged in 15 minute allotments within reason (we don’t want to rip you off). All packages have a maximum number of mows, however sometimes we will not be able to mow as our ability to complete work is determined by weather. We promise to deliver as close to this number as possible, with refunds considered when greater than 10% of mows are missed.


    We accept cash on the day as well as EFTPOS, online bank transfer or deposit into our bank account. Bank account details are printed on your invoice.

    • Cash on Day Customers: If you are not home please ensuring correct payment is left in the agreed location. (We are unable to provide change.) If payment is not left, we will issue an invoice which is payable within 3 If this is a reoccurring issue, we may not complete the service on that day, however you may still be charged for the service, in this case we will again issue an invoice which is payable within 3 days.

    • Invoice Customers: We will email an invoice the day of your service. Full payment is due 7 days from the invoice date unless prior arrangements have been made.


    A reminder notice will be issued if we have not received full payment within the agreed 7-day period. Payments made after 14 days will incur a late payment fee $5. A late payment fee of $5 will be added every 14 days. If payment is still not received after 30 days, we may send your details to our debt collection agency and you will be required to pay for the fees incurred. Please note if full payment including overdue fees have not been received prior to your next scheduled service date we reserve the right to cancel your service until all monies are received in full.


    • One off service: If you have booked a one-off service, we require 3 days’ notice of cancellation or full-service fee will apply.
    • Regular Service: If you require your service to be cancelled or your next scheduled service to be postponed, we require 2 days’ notice. If less than 2 days’ notice is given, you may be charged your normal service fee.


    Please ensure your service areas are free from pet droppings, toys, bones, rocks or any other type of debris before your service day. These types of items are very hazardous if hit by mower blades and can result in serious damage to your property or equipment, or serious injury to our staff or others. If we observe debris left on the lawn we will not be able to mow that area and will still charge your normal service fee. We are happy to provide a quote to include clearing area of debris in your regular service if this is required.


    We are professionals and take all due care to ensure that incidents do not occur, but accidents do happen, and we carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind. However, not all damage is automatically covered. however it is the property occupant’s responsibility to minimise the risk of such an incident and It is recommended that the client remove any potential problem issue from our mowing path before we arrive to commence work. If these items can’t be removed, then it is recommended, especially if in long grass, the client highlights these items in some way.

    Damages: We take all care but accept no responsibility for any of the following damages.
    • Trees or branches
    • Water Tanks
    • Shrubs, saplings
    • Broken or damaged windows (or any other object) due to stone damage
    • Any irrigation fitting or part
    • Any item/s lying on the ground
    • Play equipment
    It is recommended that the client remove any potential problem issue from our mowing path before we arrive to commence work. If these items can’t be removed, then it is recommended, especially if in long grass, the client highlights these items in some way. Further, the client, by engaging our services, acknowledges that due to the nature of our work and terrain we work in, that damages are a possibility. The client acknowledges that Caboolture Mowing is not liable for these damages and accepts no responsibility.


    We take all due care to ensure that incidents do not occur, however it is the property occupant’s responsibility to minimise the risk of such an incident and It is recommended that the client remove any potential problem issue from our mowing path before we arrive to commence work. 

    We may not be automatically liable for damage from projectiles expelled from our mowers while servicing your property, we always request all items that may become a projectile are removed from your property, by you, prior to our arrival so damage from projectiles cannot occur.
    We understand accidents do happen and we will make sure each incident is investigated individually; if an accidental breakage does occur then as stated above we carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

    Be assured if damage occurs while we are on site, we will notify you immediately and discuss the incident and options for repair. In rare cases breakages occur that we have not been aware of, if you discover a breakage, after we have serviced your property (e.g. broken car window) please call us immediately. Do not move or clean up anything, as we need to be able to investigate the incident without the area being interfered with. If a vehicle or other items are moved from the location where damaged occurred, before we are given the opportunity to inspect the damage, we cannot be held liable to repair the damage or any costs incurred in repairing the damage.